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Building Information Modeling with Cold-Formed Steel

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Building Information Modeling with Cold-Formed Steel

We have experience with Building Information Modeling using Autodesk’s RevitĀ® software on a variety of project types.

BIM Level of Development (LOD) 200

We can provide you with a working 3-D model of the cold-formed steel framing using a base model you provide us or one we create from scratch.

-Rough massing of elements
-Rough member depths
-Member spacing

BIM Level of Development (LOD) 300

LOD 200 with sizes and orientation for specific framing members.

BIM Level of Development (LOD) 350

-Members are modeled at interface with slab edge.
-Bridging and strapping is shown

BIM Level of Development (LOD) 400

LOD 350 with detailed specific framing systems and non-graphical information attached to the model (sequence of construction, weights, allowable loads, etc.)

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