Iron Engineering is constantly seeking out good people who want to work in the field of cold-formed steel engineering. We hire licensed and future licensed engineers as well as drafters at all levels of experience. We believe in the values of continued education, goal setting, rewarding success, and time off. We ask our employees to be honest, hard-working, and nice. If you would like to learn to be an expert in cold-formed steel design or even if you already are, consider working with us.

Iron Engineering offers a robust benefits package

A Cush workspace

You spend a lot of time at your desk. It should be made as comfortable as possible to allow for the most efficient use of your time. Our employees get the top-of-the-line computers with two large screen monitors. Want a stand-up desk? No problem. A special ergonomic mouse and keyboard. Sure thing. We will give you a budget for your workspace and you can choose how to fit it out.

Gym Membership

We offer membership to a large gym in downtown Portsmouth. Located three easy miles from the office, the Seacoast Sports Club offers everything to your healthy heart’s content. Want to workout closer to home? Seacoast Sports Clubs has two gyms, one in Portsmouth, and one in Seabrook. There’s also a gym in the office building next to ours. You’ve got no excuse.

401(k) Retirement Plan

Employees are eligible for our retirement plan offered through John Hancock Financial Services after one year of employment. Iron Engineering will fund your plan annually up to 3% of your salary or as limited by IRS rules. This 3% is free and clear. We will put it in even if you put nothing.

Health Insurance Coverage

You can’t turn on the news and not hear about health insurance. We presently pay 100% of the employee’s premium in a Health Savings Account (HSA). We will continue to follow the changes in the health care industry as they transpire. We are committed to providing our employees access to affordable health care.


We take roughly 8 to 10 holidays a year. All of the typical ones plus a couple more. We don’t like listing them here because we vote on which ones to take as an office. You can be assured that Thanksgiving, Dec. 25th and New Year’s always make the list. However, some people like to recognize the righteousness of the 4-day weekend when July 4th falls on a Tuesday or the Friday after Thanksgiving. We hear you!

Sick Days

See our Vacation policy. We do not accrue sick days. If you are sick, you need a day off. Take a vacation day. Don’t come into the office and make us all sick.


Okay, here we go. We don’t limit the number of days you want to take a vacation. Yup, you heard us correctly. We offer unlimited vacation time. You are an adult and you should be treated like one. We know our employees are committed to making our company great or else they would not work here. We reward that commitment by offering you the time off you need to be successful. We want you to take time off. A well rested employee is better than an overworked one.


Work in Portsmouth, or SoNo, or Charlotte. Portsmouth has been called one of the best small cities in the country. An epic selection of restaurants and a great music scene are just some of the many accolades thrown its way. SoNo or South Norwalk is much like Portsmouth a few years ago. It has a rapidly developing arts scene and still has a lot of that local flavor in their restaurants and shops. Charlotte is the quiet hub of the South. A big city with all of the southern charm. It has a huge outdoor enthusiast crowd and a fantastic restaurant and arts scene in Uptown.

Flex Time

Though our office hours are 8 am to 5 pm, we recognize that your life doesn’t always cooperate. Schools, daycare, and traffic can get in the way. We would love it if you could be in the office from 8-5. However, if you want to leave early to catch your kids game or take part in that adult soccer league, that’s fine. Make up the time later or earlier.


Massage Days

Sitting or standing at your desk can stiffen up the most loyal yogi. There’s nothing like a massage to clear the mind and loosen up the shoulders. That’s why we have a licensed massage therapist drop by the office every so often. Take a thirty minute break on us and return to your desk relaxed and content.

BIM Technician
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Entry Level Structural Engineer
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Structural Engineer/Project Manager
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Structural Engineer (Norwalk, CT)
Location: Norwalk, CT
Structural Engineer (Charlotte, NC)
Location: Charlotte, NC
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