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Cold-Formed Steel (Metal Stud) Shop Drawings

The capabilities
Cold-Formed Steel (Metal Stud) Shop Drawings

We provide specialized expertise in the design of cold-formed steel (light gauge) structures. Having worked as whole building structural engineers, we know what engineers and architects are looking for when it comes to metal studs and framing. We provide CFS shop drawings with a quick turnaround time and fast approvals from architects and engineers. Check out our Portfolio & Resources section for samples of load bearing, multi-story load bearing, interior framing, exterior non-load bearing shop drawings and more.

Download individual shop drawings:

Exterior Non Load Bearing Sample
Load Bearing Panel Sample
Large Non Load Bearing Sample
Interior Framing Sample
Blast Design Sample
How we do it
Our CFS Shop Drawing Process
1st Step
PDF files are sent to us via email or through our upload tool. We review the drawings and provide a quote with the date you can expect deliverables.
2nd Step
Once our proposal is approved, we will send the project into drafting production where details are ironed out. Our engineers work alongside our drafting technicians to provide sizing and design input into the cold-formed metal framing (CFMF) drawings.
3rd Step
We provide you with a set of stamped CFMF construction drawings (shop drawings) and calculations.
4th Step
We provide support during construction for questions and/or changes that arise from changing field conditions.