Cold-Formed Steel for Dealerships

Our Experience

Iron Engineering provides cold-formed steel engineering, shop drawings and inspection services for contractors, panel manufacturers and architects.

We have extensive experience working on new dealership projects, including those with newer, more innovative designs such as curved and sloping walls and rippling canopies.


Architects and contractors put a lot of thought into the materials used to create distinctive facades for dealerships. Here are some important considerations and common challenges we see in these types of projects:

  • High-end materials and finishes used for expensive facades
  • Glass for showrooms
    Typically self-supported by a curtain wall system
  • Regular window and door framing
    Either punched openings or storefront
  • Understanding of metal panel attachment methodologies
  • How to work with sloping, curving walls
  • Canopies and parapets at entryways
  • Parapets to display corporate logos or vehicle names

More car/auto dealerships are embracing a “playful” design aspect and incorporating curved or sloping walls. Our work has also included dealerships with sloped window jambs and rippling canopies.

Recently Completed Dealership Projects
Ira Audi
Peabody, MA

This Ira Audi dealership is a sleek 40,000-square-foot structure with large non-rectangular glazing panels and sloping interior walls. Iron Engineering provided the CFS structural engineering and shop drawings for both the exterior and interior wall framing

Herb Chambers Lexus
Sharon, MA

Iron Engineering provided the cold-formed steel design for the exterior wall and soffit framing for this 50,000-square foot two-story car dealership renovation. Through façade inspections provided by Iron Engineering.

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