Cold-Formed Steel Services

The Capabilities
Cold-Formed Steel (CFS)

We service the design and construction industry for cold-formed steel load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures. Licensed throughout the East Coast, we have a streamlined process to provide our customers with efficient design, quick turnarounds and 24/7 support during construction.

How we do it
Our CFS Structural Engineering Process
Step 1
Send us drawings to quote via email or our FTP download link above; or send us hard copies by UPS or FedEx.
Step 2
We will provide you a quote built around a proposed scope of services, a delivery date and an outline of potential issues we anticipate on the project.
Step 3
Once given the go-ahead, we will contact you to determine your preferences for construction practices and ultimately provide you with a set of stamped shop drawings and calculations.
Step 4
We support the construction process by providing any necessary revisions to shop drawings based upon architect review. We also offer on-site inspections for a small additional fee.
Industries We Serve
Our most common customers are the folks that do the dirty work themselves. Drywall sub-contractors turn to Iron Engineering because they know we provide the most efficient designs and quick design turnarounds.
We have seen a steady increase in architectural clients over the years as the designers are learning that they can do more with cold-formed steel and avoid pitfalls by bringing the experts at Iron Engineering into the design process earlier.
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General Contractor
General contractors turn to Iron Engineering to get a jump start on the construction process. Some find it beneficial to have the cold-formed steel shop drawings complete and provided to sub-contractors during the bid process to get more accurate bids and fewer change orders.
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The speed of erection using pre-fabricated wall panels has caused a rapid increase in panelized construction. Panelizers turn to Iron Engineering to provide extremely efficient designs and expert knowledge of the benefits and challenges that panelization entails.
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