What’s the best type of bracing/bridging for a wall?

Besides site-specific restrictions, it really comes down to personal preference. For 8-inch studs, U-Channel w/ Clark Dietrich’s Fastbridge Clip is the preferred method of bracing 8-inch studs based upon our experience and feedback with contractors. For 10-inch and wider studs, you really are limited to flat strapping with blocking every 8-ft. For 6-inch and smaller studs a lot of contractors like the Spazzer® Bar as it helps with stud layout and requires minimal fastening. All systems have their features and drawbacks. Spazzer Bar and U-channel require knockouts to be aligned. Buildings with a lot of windows and doors may find this difficult to achieve and flat strapping may be the best choice. However, sometimes flat strapping can be difficult to install if your stud is really close to a deep beam. There may not be access to screw in the fasteners on the face of the stud. We find it’s best to present our customers with multiple options on our shop drawings. Once approved, they can then make the best decision in the field and not slow down the construction progress.